George Dempster

Modern membership platform, an interview with George Dempster regarding issues concerning professional bodies and how E2 can help with the system we provide.

Dr Julie Reddy

With regards to SAQA and their relationship with professional bodies, DR. Reddy discusses the concerns of recognition of prior learning on how global professional brands compare to legitimate themselves here in South Africa.

Craig Ryall

The importance of having a sound financial platform in place and how E2 has taken the steps to provide innovative solutions to professional bodies.

Michele Langman

Notion of the various kinds of legal entities that professional bodies have as an option when creating themselves, to frame their legal persona around.

Prof. Chris Job

Discussing trademark protection, case study professional body and the consideration they will need to create their trademark, legal entity and brand.

Susan Moffet

Interviewing Susan Moffat who is essentially a marketing guru, particularly on how to market services to non-profit making organizations.