E2 - The Virtual Organization - January 2019

Anyone working in Johannesburg will relate to the frustrations of travelling to and from their place of employment.

In 2012 we introduced flexible working hours which was embraced by the majority of team members.

In 2016 we were awarded an International contract where we were required to provide software and services to an executive committee and members across all continents and multiple time zones.

A pilot project commenced in October 2016 to establish if we could become a virtual organization. The team members involved in the International contract and the graphics team started working remotely.

During July 2018 we invested in a call centre software with a view to becoming 100% virtual. We have sold our share in the offices that we operated from and with effect 1 January 2019 - operate as a virtual organization with all team members operating remotely.

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Customers requiring assistance should send e-mail to  support@mymembership.co.za with a brief description of your needs. An agent will contact you within 1 working day. Escalate to the customer service manager Amina@e2.co.za

Sales – send mail to sales@mymembership.co.za


The majority of requests that we receive are from delegates that have attended an event and who are looking for a certificate or have forgotten their password. Please click here to search for your certificate or click here to reset your password.

Send a mail to support@mycpd.co.za if you require additional assistance.

Sales – send mail to sales@mycpd.co.za


Customers requiring assistance should send a mail to support@mymembership.co.za with a brief description of your needs and preferred contact channel.